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Welcome to Philpott Honey

Here at Philpott Honey we take pride in our business and in bringing you the finest honey possible. We love what we do and we love seeing the smiles on people's faces when they taste our honey!

Philpott Honey is a family business, in operation since 1919, and owned by brothers Allan and Glen Philpott and brother-in-law Colin McCaig.

“Proud to be 4th Generation Beekeepers”.

Philpott Honey is located 10 km north of Brooks, Alberta on Highway 873. We operate approximately 9000 bee colonies, one of the largest beekeeping operations in Alberta. Most of the honey we produce is packaged in 45 gallon metal drums and is shipped across Canada and overseas, however we are happy to accommodate customers requiring any size or quantity.

Philpott Honey produces 100% Pure Raw Honey, primarily from Alfalfa plants. The honey is extracted from the hives, transferred to a large tank in which the temperature is approximately the same of a beehive, and then poured directly into drums or plastic pails. The honey is not filtered or processed in any way - just the way the bees made it!

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